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Marketing Data: Every $1.00 spent connecting events socially yields $2.39 increased revenue

Krishna and SJP Cannes 2014

dwinQ has collected data over the past 18 months from 100 events to show brand benefits.  

Is the Facebook Custom Audience the best way to target?

Warrior Dash Native Ad on Facebook resized 600

Facebook recently announced what may be the best way to influence potential buyers. Ever. Data that has shown a recommendation from a friend or family member in your most active of Facebook friends has up to a ten times more powerful impact in influencing your buying decision than a corporate post. The trick for brands is reaching those close friends at scale, with the right message.

Can Experiential Marketing Touch the Consumer & Increase Sales?

Native Advertising through Experiential

Brands are rightly worried about the fast forward button on TiVo and the demise of print ads as attention gets tougher to capture. What’s the anecdote to the short attention span virus?

Tournament of Roses National Championship Party becomes Hyper-Social with dwinQ

BCS Party Heisman Social Media dwinQ resized 600

LASEC uses frictionless social media to share the fun and create native advertising

Los Angeles, CA - The Los Angeles Sports & Entertainment Commission (LASEC) pioneered social sharing at the 2014 Tournament of Roses National Championship Party this year. The LASEC optimized the guest experience by providing frictionless sharing at once-in-a-lifetime experiences with friends and family through dwinQ’s social media operating system for events.

Breaking Good with Facebook Analytics for TV

Breaking Bad Chatter on Facebook resized 600

The second screen phenomenon is growing at an incredible pace thanks to the proliferation of Facebook’s mobile platform. More and more Facebook users are watching their favorite television programs along with their social network. This is either a great opportunity for brands, or a nightmare they don’t understand.

Is Facebook the top spot for influencing car sales?

Facebook Auto impact resized 600

If you could erase images of your competitor from potential customer’s mind and at the same time steer them towards what you wanted them to buy, wouldn’t that be marketing Nirvana? Well that’s exactly what can happen if you use Facebook optimally.

A Social Media Sage’s Seven Surprising prognostications for 2014

Patrick Sweeney dwinQ CEO
    • Yahoo buys SnapChat

    • Facebook stock doubles

    • Native Advertising will be the #1 promotional tool

    • FourSquare has their life support pulled

    • Social Video explodes

    • The Internet of Things and People converges

    • TV Networks leak for social dollars

1.    Yahoo buys SnapChat

Video ads - the Facebook killer app in 2014 (Sneak Peek)


Since September of this year Facebook has been quietly testing an easier way to watch video shared by friends or posted by brands, without having to touch play or start the video.

dwinQ creates native advertising for the Hobbit Premiere

Native Advertising on Facebook during the Hobbit Premiere

dwinQ creates native advertising for the Hobbit Premiere Facebook and Warner Bros enable viral content to amplify launch of new film

11 December 2013, Berlin Germany – Facebook hired dwinQ, the social media operating system for events, to enhance the Hobbit premiere experience for 500 VIP guests and at the same time create viral content on their News Feed. Professional photographers with dwinQ’s patent-pending platform were capturing exciting moments on the red carpet and scanning each RFID-enabled VIP pass so that the professional grade pictures posted in real time to Facebook on the VIP’s News Feed. These pictures were seen by more than 132% of each guest’s friends – a measurable viral impact during the launch given the fact that each guest had on average 240 friends.

Facebook changed their algorithm, what should businesses do?

EdgeRank algorithm Facebook resized 600

Buzzfeed saw referrals from Facebook go up by 855% over the last month. Many people were wondering why. The answer lies in a change to the algorithm that determines what goes up on user’s newsfeed and timelines. Facebook has decided to make links (especially to news sites and items) more heavily weighted in the EdgeRank algorithm. This means more people will see links to news items in their timeline. Brands can use this knowledge to maximize results on Facebook.

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